5 New Floral Wedding Decor Ideas

Flowers and weddings go together like, well, love and marriage, right? Or something like that. We have loved scrolling through our social media feeds this summer and spotting some pretty awesome ways to do wedding flowers. It’s not just about a bouquet and a vase in the centre of each table. Wedding planners and couples are getting far more creative with florals and we are loving seeing them! Here are a few examples for floral wedding decor ideas that we’ve spotted on the web. They’ll work for any upcoming autumn weddings or even for any spring summer weddings that you are starting to plan for next year.

1. Double Duty – This elegant poppy and greenery garland does double duty as centrepiece and table runner. We think it looks great with the rustic benches in this outdoor wedding setting. And the candles just finish off the whole look perfectly.

Photo: Tulle and Chantilly

2. Accessorise with Flowers.

This is a completely, different way to wear a floral accessory that ISN’T a flower crown. Been there, done that, right? This floral belt would be perfect for any bridal or bridesmaid’s gown that needs a delicate accent. And with no need for a bouquet, you still have your hands free for champagne. Winning!

Photo: Brides

3. Ready, Steady… Cake!

When we created our cake topper collection, we could only dream of the creations such as this appearing at some real life weddings. Top a simple white or ivory cake with our vibrant floral initial letter lights. What steps this design up is the baby breath wreath around the base which balances out the floral elements, from top to bottom! We LOVE it.

Photo: The White Bulb (that’s us!)


4. A Chandelier of Flowers

This floral “chandelier” ceiling accent is the perfect space-saving solution that makes a big statement. We love the dramatic, luxurious take on a rustic, back-to-nature look. The bunting looks fun too.

Photo: Wedding Ideas Mag

5. A Love Seat of Flowers

If you don’t want a garland that covers the entire length of the table, this floral and greenery garland for the couple’s seat at the table is perfect! As wonderful as lots of flowers look on the table at a wedding breakfast, sometimes that isn’t practical. We like these simple pots to decorate the table and then more drama created with the flowers on the chairs.

Photo: Florunique


6. Jumping Through Hoops.

To coin a well-known catchphrase, “And Now for Something Completely Different”… Our latest product is this very unique light up floral hoop. A gorgeous alternative to the classic wedding bouquet, a keepsake for your Bridesmaids, that extra special touch to your venue decor or perhaps a beautiful addition to the home, these cover all possibilities – and what’s more, they’ll last for more than the 2017 trend, they’ll last for infinity! Take a look here.

Light up floral hoop

Photo: The White Bulb (that’s us!)


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