Spotted: Our Letter Lights at Real Life Weddings & Around The Web

Over the past couple of months, we have been honoured to be featured in real life weddings, and swoon worthy spring style inspiration lists. We are so happy to see our original primary initial letter lights and floral letter lights in the spotlight – it makes it all so worth it. We love being a part of your special day. Here are a few examples of our work in real life situations. Take a look!

Making a Statement with Letter Lights

Our friends Kate & Rich made a statement with our large letter lights at their wedding at Barmbyfield Barn. We love the exposed brick and the simple choice of large white letter lights to really make a statement from day to night. Love the balloons too. 

Initial Letter Lights Wedding - Initial Letter Lights Wedding -

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Light Up An Evening Do

Our initial letter lights brightened the cake table at Johnathan & Deepa’s Wedding. We love the contrast of the simple initial lights with the floral heart which matches the flowers on the cake. For this evening do, the light up letters really work as decor for the entire day. Cool, right?

Initial Letter Lights Wedding -

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Simple Floral Wedding Decor

Our initial lights tied together Danielle & Andy’s floral inspired wedding on The English Wedding Blog. It’s the perfect nod to the English summer garden for any time of year. The letters will also draw people over to the favours table, which will prompt them to add to your wishing tree or post a note to you, however you have asked them to make the day.

Initial Letter Lights Wedding -
Photo by Fiona Kelly –

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Letter Lights for the Cake Table

Laura & Paul showcased our silver letter lights at their wedding at The Leeds Club. Just in case guests weren’t clear on where the cake was, we had to spell it out. To be fair, cake is an extremely important part of the day, and it should be highlighted – and celebrated.

Initial Letter Lights Wedding -

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Exposed Brick & Letter Lights

Our floral letter lights look amazing against the exposed brick of the venue at Nicola’s wedding. We love this rustic look. Such a cool contrast, don’t you think? It sits really well with the other wedding florals too.

Initial Letter Lights Wedding -

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We have also spotted some of our initial letter lights in other places other than weddings, so we thought we’d share these with you too.

Spring Wedding Style

We made the top of the Spring Wedding Style section on Not On the High Street‘s homepage, which resulted in a great influx of traffic or orders. Awesome!

Initial Letter Lights Wedding -

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Cosy Reading Corner

Our small letter lights illuminated this cosy primary school reading corner. What a fun idea!

Initial Letter Lights - TheWhiteBulb.comInitial Letter Lights -

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30 Marquee Signs Your Wedding Needs

We made the Wedding Chicks list of 30 Marquee Signs Your Wedding needs.

Initial Letter Lights Wedding -

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If you’d like to see your name up in lights for your special day, see our full range of letter lights for sale or hire. And please do send us your real life wedding pics – we love seeing our work in action!