Pinspiration: Wedding Cakes that Sparkle

sparkly wedding cake topper - The White Bulb

We recently launched a range of cake toppers that light up – and we’re VERY excited! And the new range has got us thinking all about sparkly wedding cakes (yes, that’s a technical term!’) and what else you can do to light it up. We love it when couples take their wedding cake design as an opportunity to make a major statement. Our bright and bold wedding toppers were inspired by glittery and bright cakes with floral accents, as well as customer demand. You ask and we deliver! So we’ve compiled a few sparkly wedding cakes for your inspiration and pleasure. Let the #foodporn commence!

Glitter wedding cake design

(Pin via The Ruffled Blog)

We love the ethereal feel of this cake. Very earthy and natural but with a touch of sparkle. This is how to do dressed-up simplicity. The gold tones and the varying textures just elevate the whole look, don’t you think?

Bright and Shiny Wedding Cake Pinspiration

(Pin via Cake Me By Surprise)

We don’t know where to start with this one. I mean, it’s marble, it’s gold and, if you haven’t noticed, IT LIGHTS UP! It’s a CAKE that lights up. We’re done. We’d say stick a fork in us, but you’d probably rather stick one in that beauty, right?

Bright and Shiny Wedding Cake Pinspiration

(Pin via Style Me Pretty)

This is so pretty. And sparkly. A pretty sparkly wedding cake that we love. Sparklers are a quick way to jazz up a classic wedding cake. They add an element of show to proceedings too – and they make for some killer wedding pics.

Glitter Wedding Cake Pinspiration

(Pin via The Knot)

A black wedding? Oh yes! This one has drama written all over it. Did you notice that the closer you get to ‘Love’, the lighter it gets – there may be some symbolism in that. Or it may just be a stunning, golden design. Either way, it works.

Gold glitter Wedding Cake Pinspiration

(Pin via Royal Lace Bridal)

This is the perfect way to make a simple cake all snazzy. We love the touches of gold with the pile of flowers on top. It’s a sparkly wedding cake that doesn’t break the bank.

Floral and glitter Wedding Cake Pinspiration

(Pin via Weddings Online)

We love that this cake doesn’t overdo it on the gold but still has that special touch. The pink softens the gold and keeps it classic yet unique all at once. Prettiness in cake form.

sparkle wedding cake design

(Pin via Weddings Online)

We’re not sure where to start on this one! It’s got so many layers and textures to it that it probably shouldn’t work. But it does and oh so well. It doesn’t light up though, that’s a shame. But it would almost definitely be overkill. Don’t you think?

light up succulent cake topper

Oh hi! That’s us! (Insert hand up emoji here) We couldn’t help but pop our new light up succulent heart cake topper on the list. We designed these because we think you can make even the simplest of cakes light up your day with a great topper. Our succulent light up letters did so well last year that you started requesting them for other means, so our improvisation led to this whole new range. What do you think? Imagine it lit up in the corner of a dark room. How exciting! We can’t wait for those real wedding pics to start rolling in!

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